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ISA is the authoritative publisher of technical resources covering the automation profession. Written and reviewed by experts, these publications help keep automation professionals fully informed about the latest technical developments, applications, trends, and standards.

ISA Books

ISA’s authoritative and thorough technical books focus on real world application of technologies and methodologies with the necessary theory for a complete understanding of the subject. ISA’s books cover dozens of technical topics, including safety, cybersecurity, instrumentation, process control, wireless technology, and much more.

Our best-selling books include the following award-winning titles:

ISA offers books in electronic and print formats, and your company can purchase libraries of books based on topic area or expertise level. You can even customize the cover of a favorite book to hand out to clients or employees.

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InTech magazine

Available in print and digital formats, InTech magazine provides the most thought-provoking and authoritative coverage of automation technologies, applications, and strategies to enhance automation professionals’ on-the-job success. As the leading magazine for automation professionals for over 50 years, InTech leverages the vast knowledge, industry proven technical skills, and in-depth experience of thousands of subject-matter experts.

InTech delivers unequaled coverage of the latest technologies, trends, strategies, and solutions in the world of automation. Selections from a recent editorial calendar include articles on topics like:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Internet of Things in Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 for Process
  • Bridging OT and IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Process Automation
  • Cellular Data Acquisition (maintenance, SCADA, etc.)
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Process Data Analytics
  • Track and Trace Serialization
  • Alarm Management

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ISA Transactions

ISA Transactions is a journal of advances and state-of-the-art in the science and engineering of measurement and automation, of value to leading-edge industrial practitioners and applied researchers. The topics of measurement include: sensors, perception systems, analyzers, signal processing, filtering, data compression, data rectification, fault detection, inferential measurement, soft sensors, hardware interfacing, etc.; and any of the techniques that support them. The topics of automation include: statistical and deterministic strategies for discrete event and continuous process control, modelling and simulation, event triggers, scheduling and sequencing, system reliability, quality, maintenance, management, loss prevention, etc.; and any equipment, techniques and best practices that support them. ISA Transactions is a bi-monthly publication available in both print and online versions.

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Technical Papers

ISA also offers more than 5,500 technical papers covering topics in effectively every area of automation. Thousands of contributions from experts from around the world, typically presented at ISA’s conferences and symposia, keep you informed and ready to solve today’s problems. ISA Members access all of ISA’s technical papers at no charge.

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In addition to the cutting-edge materials above, professionals need access to digital formats on their mobile phones, desktop computers, and other easy-to-use devices.

In October 2014, ISA announced the acquisition of For the industrial automation community, is the source for real-time digital information, disseminated in easy-to-access formats, arming professionals with the latest news and trends to enhance industry awareness and serve as a catalyst for improvements in automation technology.

Through ISA’s ownership of, readers and advertisers can access e-newsletters, web articles, online topic-focused portals, white papers, video alerts, online advertising, the ISA Directory of Automation, and the ISA Job Board.

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ISA publishes hundreds of books, InTech magazine, thousands of technical papers, and the award-winning journal ISA Transactions

ISA's authoritative and thorough publications:

  • Improve your knowledge and skills
  • Bridge the experience gap in your new and experienced employees
  • Cover topics that matter to your operational efficiency and profitability
  • Provide easy, on-the-go formats for accessing the latest technical resources

All of our publications are written and reviewed by experts, and cover important topics like:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Control Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Exam preparation for certification, CSE licensure, and more

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