ISA Standards
Streamlining processes, increasing efficiency

Many different industries rely on standards to streamline processes and improve safety, efficiency, and profitability. Standards don’t just make life easier, they make it safer…and they enhance companies’ profitability while reducing or eliminating users’ frustrations.

ISA is recognized globally for the development of consensus industry standards for automation technologies and applications in key areas such as security, safety, batch control, enterprise integration, wireless communications, traditional instrumentation, measurement, and control; and has produced more than 150 standards documents. 4,000+ automation professionals, on 140 committees/subcommittees, have been involved in the development of ISA standards.

ISA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop standards following open participation rules that ensure the views of all participants are considered in a balance of interests including users, suppliers, integrators, regulators/government, and others. Most ISA standards are published as American National Standards, and many are submitted through ANSI to become international standards through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) based in Geneva.

Some of ISA’s most popular standards include:

  • Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries (ISA-18/IEC 62682)
  • Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector (ISA-84/IEC 61511)
  • Batch Control Systems (ISA-88/IEC 61512)
  • Enterprise-Control System Integration (ISA-95/IEC 62264)
  • Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (ISA-99/IEC62443)
  • Wireless Systems for Automation (ISA-100/IEC 62734)
  • Instrumentation Symbols and Identification (ISA-5)
  • Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems (ISA-100)
  • Intelligent Device Management (ISA-108)

When a standard is adopted into industry, businesses have a need to prove their conformance to that standard or to verify that their vendor procurement truly does align with the intent of that standard. Sometimes they need to prove it because the government has regulated compliance, but other times, they want to make sure they’re following the standard because it helps them to improve performance, lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime, enhance operability, and save money. Plus, if a business is using that technology as part of a product that another company will buy, they want to prove that they’re buying equipment that conforms to the latest and greatest standards.

ISA's brand family includes two compliance institutes:

ISA standards streamline processes and improve safety, efficiency, and profitability

Take advantage of ISA’s industry-leading standards:

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