ISA Security
Offering Standards-Based Industrial Cybersecurity Conformance Assessments

For owner/operators of industrial automation and control systems, ISA Secure® standards-based conformity assessments certify development practices and security characteristics for commercial-off-the-shelf products and systems, reducing risk and contributing to safe and secure assets and operations.


ISASecure®: Offering Standards-Based Industrial Cybersecurity Conformance Assessments

The ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), a not-for-profit automation controls industry consortium, manages the ISASecure conformance certification program. ISASecure independently certifies industrial automation and control (IAC) products and systems to ensure that they are robust against network attacks and free from known vulnerabilities.

ISCI also offers an ISASecure organization process certification for product development organizations.  The Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) certification promotes security development lifecycle practices intended to improve the quality of security in IAC systems.

The ISASecure® designation is earned by industrial control suppliers for products that demonstrate adherence to industry consensus cyber security specifications for security characteristics and supplier development practices.

The ISASecure program is based upon the IAC security lifecycle as defined in ISA/IEC 62443. At this time, the scope of the ISASecure certifications includes assessment of off-the-shelf IAC products and IAC product development security lifecycle practices. ISASecure does not offer assessments for integrator site engineering practices or asset owner operations and maintenance practices. ISASecure certifies off-the-shelf systems; not the site engineered / deployed systems.

ISCI offers three certifications with four security assurance levels (SAL) in alignment with ISA/IEC 62443:

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